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Translation Services
Translation Services

Media Translation:

The World has become a small village due to the great advancements in the telecommunication field. That is why we always endeavor to exconveying media messages in different languages to information seekers. We have distinguished expertise in copyrighting and translating material for diverse audio-visual media channels including but not limited to magazines, newspapers, advertisements, newsletters, press reports and releases, periodicals, billboards, in addition to radio commercials, programs, scripts and announcements. 

Legal Translation:

We, at Transhome, have a profound experience in translating diverse legal documents including various types of contracts, agreements, Memorandums of Understanding, Articles of association and Powers of Attorney, in bilingual formats required for Notary Public Processing, as well as Courts Judgments and Briefings. In addition, we also cater to other highly sophisticated legal firm's services seeking translations of Federal and Local Laws and Decrees, Court Transcripts, Summons, Pleadings, Letters / Correspondence, Witness Statements, Official Documents (Birth / Death / Marriage Certificates), Annual Reports, Legal Marketing, License Registration Documents, Expert Reports, Litigations, Arbitrations and any other type of legal text.

Field Oriented Translation:

We have a profound experience in translating diverse documents that are generated through different fields of practice such as  trade, accounting (chartered and non-chartered), banking, auditing and medicine including but not limited to memos, laws, briefings, balance sheets, financial statements, profit and loss documents, fund prospectus, accounting articles, ledgers, tender specifications, shipping and freight documents, financial reports, economic reviews, technical writing, medical reports and research…etc.

Intellectual Property: 

We support the field of empirical research and scientific advancements by facilitating and translating patents, trademarks, research papers, specialized journals, academic publications and references.


We believe in the significance of art and its impact on the different cultures regardless of the geographical boundaries that separate them. Our expertise include sharing the pieces of art among the different nations through the translation of literary books, novels, poetry, prose, short stories and many others.

Information Technology & The Internet: 

We always seek to keep up with the latest trends in the field of technological advancements, and we are always keen on sharing them with our clients. We provide translation of technical policies and manuals including, but not limited to, IT infrastructure, IT security, networks, automated enterprise architecture structures, tailored systems, Arabization, website localization, service level agreements, wireframes, detailed functional specifications, IT non-disclosure agreements…etc.


TRANSHOME leverages the extensive knowledge of each client's business requirements to develop the best solution for transcription projects:

-Rapid turnaround
-Industry specialization

TRANSHOME provides medical transcriptions, legal transcriptions, and corporate transcriptions to businesses worldwide. We customize our transcription services to best meet the needs of our clients based on industry and project type.

Typesetting and Design:

Typesetting is the element which supports the client in marketing the products to international consumers. TRANSHOME's typesetting services empower our clients to convey their message in diverse languages without losing the effect of the genuine product.

TRANSHOME's multilingual typesetting and graphic resources are highly competitive whether in character or alphabet-based languages. TRANSHOME delivers electronic files and any requested output to meet tight deadlines and accommodate last minute typesetting requests.

 Voice Over and Dubbing:

TRANSHOME provides native-speaking voiceover actors who have the expertise to convey messages to both global and local marketplaces. The services include:

-Lip synchronization

-Documentary style

-Voiceover narration

Our professionals work closely with sound studios to ensure perfect timing and the highest quality voiceover production values. We provide the product in the format preferred by the client.


In developing the most adequate subtitles for the multimedia, the dialogue must be carefully adapted to the target language to maintain the meaning of the source content while the translator condenses the length of the translation to ensure readability for the viewer.  TRANSHOME's specialists are skilled at making editorial choices to facilitate this reduction to ensure that the subtitles are tailored to the messages and timed to coincide precisely with the dialogue.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Desktop publishing is the creation of documents using page layout skills on a desktop computer. Desktop publishing allows the client to generate layouts and produce typographic quality text and images comparable to traditional typography and printing. This technology allows businesses to self-publish a wide range of printed matter. TRANSHOME supports the clients in producing a wide variety of materials, from menus to magazines and books, without the expense of commercial printing. 

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