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Interpretation Services
Interpretation Services

Interpretation is a combination of translation skills and time management. Interpreters understand the message of the speaker and process a spoken translation instantly and accurately. Even marginal errors are not accepted. In order to provide the most effective interpretation services, the interpreter must:

  • Have extensive experience in interpretation
  • Have thorough knowledge of the area
  • Have cultural empathy in choosing words and phrases in the most expeditious manner


Classified Information

 Simultaneous interpretation for large conferences or consecutive interpretation for limited scale meetings are both provided by TRANSHOME at a distinguished level of quality.

Our highly qualified interpreters target our clients’ needs accurately. Additionally, we provide the following specialized services:

Managing Events:

Provide interpretation services in conferences, seminars, forums, training courses, round tables and one-on-one meetings.

Distance Interpretation:

Third party conversations and teleconferencing interpretation services are provided in a professional manner and according to an accurately planned agenda.

Equipment Lease:

We provide interpretation equipment for events.

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